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A Medievalist meets Bruno Latour: the Science and Religion Debate, Image-Making, and the Annunciation

August 24, 2018

Critics continue to engage in the science vs religion debate, but over a decade ago came one of the most original interjections - from French anthropologist, philosopher, and sociologist Bruno Latour (1947- ), who also received the Holberg Prize in 2013, conferred by the University of Bergen. This podcast takes a close look at his 2005 essay “‘Thou Shall Not Freeze-Frame,’ or, How Not to Misunderstand the Science and Religion Debate," published in the book Science, Religion, and the Human Experience, ed. James D. Proctor (Oxford). What does he argue, does it work, and what would a fourteenth-century Christian have to say about it? Medievalist and literary critic Dr. Laura Saetveit Miles offers a new look at Latour's analysis of meaning- and image-making over the centuries. 


Photo: Manuel Braun, from holbergprisen.no

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